the andy riffs story

andy riffs was imagined in 2017. A casual hobby of sewing clothes and purses grew into a desire to make unique, handmade clothes out of the unwanted ones, remnants, etc. As a thrift shopper, I was exposed to the sheer volume of available items, which greatly exceeded the demand. And I was quite aware of our culture of excess, coupled with the advent of fast fashion. That awareness made me want to move in a different direction; I didn't want to add to the excess, I wanted to create out of existing materials. I wanted to work with the last chance items, the items that weren't selling at the thrift stores; the jeans without a button, the jewelry with a stone missing. Those are my raw materials. Other than sewing notions, such as thread and closures, my clothing and accessories are made entirely of unwanted, reclaimed materials. They are just reassembled and redesigned into a completely unique, handmade, and "brand new" piece to proudly wear.